Pejman Foundation

Founded in 2015 by Hamid Reza Pejman, the Pejman Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Tehran organizing cultural projects: artists’ residencies, book publishing, educational program, exhibitions etc. The foundation aims to foster intercultural exchange between artists, the public and other players in contemporary art on its Tehran premises becoming a crossroads for Iranian culture and the cultures of other countries around the world and offering work and study spaces, such as studios and a library to students and researchers.

Contemporary Art Collection

The foundation will build up, over time a permanent international collection of contemporary artworks based on the existing collection of founder Hamid Reza Pejman to be shown at thefoundation but also loaned to other venues around the world


Art-related projects of all kinds, such as film projections performances workshops readings, conferences and so on.

Book publishing

The objectives, in publishing is to focus on lesser known aspects of selected Iranian artists’ work whether a monograph or a themed essay about several artists.


The foundation’s ambition is to organise three exhibitions per year, of the following kinds:
I > “Carte Blanche” to an artist, curator or other individual chosen by the foundation.
II > Partnership shows with other foundations or art institutions such as museums galleries collections…
III > Group exhibitions co-curated by the foundation, grouping together Iranian pieces with the works of artists from other countries around the world.


The aim of the foundation’s residencies is to offer a grant and living, working and exhibition space that will become a place of intercultural interaction and exchange to selected artists from Iran and abroad. At the end of the residency period which may befrom two weeks to six months, the artists are invited to show their work, individually or together.